Kluson “Texas Blues” Tele-Type Pickup neck

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kr. 560,00

The Kluson Texas Blues Pickups are exact reproductions of legendary post vintage era pickups! The wonderfully rich, smacking sound of these pickups is due to proven materials such as Alnico magnets and the “real” winding wire (24AWG), but also to our self-developed “Printer Wound” winding technology.
In a nutshell: Compared to the Kluson Vintage TL pickups, the Kluson Texas Blues pickups offer a little more output, a little more midrange and therefore a little more Texas!

Both the output volume and the spacing (distance between the outer pole pieces) of the two pickups are perfectly matched to each other.

The Kluson Texas Blues pickups are available both as a complete set and individually. The neck pickup comes with a German silver cap that does not affect the transmission of the wonderful bell-like highs of the pickup.

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