Duesenberg “Frantz” P90 Pickup PTPNB

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kr. 998,00

The Frantz P90 is a singlecoil pickup in humbucker format with a moderate output, balanced frequency response, very dynamic response and a crystal clear sound with contoured bass and present treble. The Frantz P90 transports the sound of jazz and blues guitars from the 1950s and 1960s into the present.
In addition, it perfectly complements a Duesenberg Domino P90 mounted in the bridge position for a sound that not only articulates itself clearly but also shows the emotional dynamics of expressive musical styles such as jazz and blues and their modern variations.

The Frantz P90 has standard humbucker dimensions of 68.40 x 37.20 mm (without mounting ring), an open German silver cap that does not dampen its high frequencies, and two conductors. It is suited for both neck and bridge positions.

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