Göldo Vario Clamp Bridge chrom NYHED

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göldo Vario Clamp Bridge

More sound & more comfort: The elegant new Tunamatic bridge in a completely new design and made of the very best materials!

The base of the Vario Clamp is made of a special aluminum alloy, while the saddles are made of hardened stainless steel. These sit in 6 guides and are pressed into fixed positions from above with fine spring steel plates, so that this bridge virtually unites into a compact overall piece without any moving parts.

To adjust the octave positions of the saddles, loosen the locking screws from above, and each saddle can be moved to its optimal position. Another feature for playing comfort: the string spacing is 53mm (10.6mm string to string), 1mm more than conventional Tunamatics.

The right of the two 4mm holes for the height adjustment wheels is designed as a longitudinal hole underneath, so that the Vario Clamp Bridge is replacement-compatible for practically all conventional Tunamatics.

Dimensions (L x B x H): 86 x 14 x 13.0mm
Stud spacing: between 72.3 and 74.5mm.
Available in nickel, chrome and gold plated.


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