Göldo M8 Bushings with Expanding Function

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M8 Bushings with expanding function

Even with such a simple component as drive-in bushings, the wheel can certainly be reinvented. Inside this bushing is a grub screw that spreads the bushing outwards when it is screwed in. This ensures that the bushing sits bomb-proof in the wood and ensures optimum transmission of the vibrations. It is best suited for the new installation of vibrato systems, which are mounted in the bushings of a tailpiece (e.g. Les Trem II). The bushing is also bomb-proof in holes that have been enlarged by heavy or long term tremolo use and will never slip out of the holes.

The “collar” at the upper edge of the bushing prevents direct contact of mounted hardware parts with the guitar top and protects its surface from damage.

Required hole diameter: 10mm. Comes in pairs.


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