Duesenberg Wrap-Around Bridge / 73.5 mm gold

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This Duesenberg one-piece bridge replaces a Tuneomatic bridge!

A classic wrap-around bridge made of chrome-plated or gold-plated brass with forged steel saddles – and a very special application: This bridge can replace a typical Tuneomatic bridge 1:1! Only the existing holes have to be drilled to the corresponding dimensions of the drive-in bushings. The supplied studs have metric dimensions. Thanks to the construction and the materials, this one-piece delivers an extremely dynamic sound with an unparalleled explosive attack characteristic.
To cover the now no longer used threaded bushings for the stop tailpiece, blind plugs are included (black for US threads, nickel-coated for M8 threads).

  • Bolt spacing: 73.5mm
  • String spacing: 52mm
  • Radius: 14″
  • Height in the middle, bottom edge to notch: 15mm