Duesenberg “Steel Saddle” Piezo Bridge

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Piezo sounds to expand the sound spectrum

The Duesenberg Steel Saddle Piezo Bridge, which is also used in the Starplayer TV+, has the same bridge top as the proven Duesenberg Steel Saddle Bridge HWD2N, which is known for its dynamic and precise response thanks to its construction and materials (zinc/aluminum housing plus sintered steel saddles). This is the best foundation for balanced and direct signal transmission through the piezo pickup.
The piezo pickup itself is integrated into the lower part of the bridge and its volume is matched to the signal volume of typical magnetic pickups so that it does not require an active pre-amp. The piezo signal can easily be mixed/switched to the signal of the magnetic pickups via a potentiometer or a switch.

  • String spacing: 52mm
  • Bolt spacing: 73,5mm
  • Radius: 14″
  • Height (bottom edge to top edge of string saddle, center): 13.8mm


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