Walrus Audio Fable Soundscape Generator (brugt). SOLGT

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  • 5 Special algorithms (programmes) consisting of different combinations of granular delay and reverse effects
  • Programme 1: Reverse Delay in Reverse Granular
  • Programme 2: Forward Delay in Octave-Up Granular
  • Programme 3: Analogue Delay in Octave Down Granular
  • Programme 4: Multi-Tap Granular
  • Programme 5: Forward Delay in Randomised Pitch Granular
  • 2 DSP chips, connected in series with individual analogue feedback paths
  • Both feedback paths build on each other and interact with each other
  • Both paths individually adjustable via feedback and rain controls
  • The “grains” are manipulated and modulated in different ways depending on the preset
  • Tap Tempo to adjust delay/reverb time
  • “Momentary” function – Dive / Rise
  • Trails Mode adjustable
  • Natural decay of effects after pedal is deactivated
  • Controls: Feedback, Rain, Mod, Mix, “X”, Time, Tone, Program
  • Footswitch: Bypass / Tap
  • Top-mounted input and output
  • Colour: Slate Grey with coloured artwork
  • Power supply: 9 V DC, negative pole inside, min. 300 mA
  • Designed and built in the USA

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