Thumb/finger rest for bass

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Thumb or finger rest? Both! In the early days of the electric bass, this small, black plastic bar was placed underneath the strings. You lean on it with your fingers and pluck the thick flat-wound strings with your thumb. Later the thumb play and the flat-wound strings were forgotten, the bass world played round wound strings and many now screwed the bar onto the bass above the strings in order to be able to support the thumb there. Because they played with their fingers. Today everything has become relative – Flats and Round Wounds exist side by side and even the fat thumb play is accepted again. Accordingly, the thumb rest can be found both above and below the strings.

  • length: 65mm
  • width: 13,2mm
  • height: 11,8MM
  • distance between the holes: 31,8mm

DKK 12,00

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