Kluson “Vintage ’56” Singlecoil Pickup set

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kr. 1.680,00

The Kluson ’56 pickups are exact reproductions of the legendary singlecoils from the 1950s! The incredibly open 56er sound of the Kluson replicas is the result of historically correct materials such as Alnico magnets and the relatively thick-coated winding wire (24AWG), but also of our self-developed “Printer Wound” winding technique.

The pickups of the Kluson ’56 set are perfectly balanced in their output volume as well as in their spacing (the distance of the outer pole pieces). In addition, the middle pickup (PSCR0) is reversed wound and poled (RWRP), so that a hum-free signal is achieved in the middle positions. Admittedly, this feature is not a real vintage feature, but it’s just incredibly practical because every singlecoil player gets into situations where electromagnetic interferences can be very annoying.

The Kluson ’56 pickups are available both as a complete set and individually. They come with covers in Vintage White.



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