Kluson Traditional "Vintage Bass" Tuner / 4L nickel

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kr. 360,00

The classic Kluson Bass tuners.

Fits 4-left headstocks like JB- and P-Type basses. Convertible to 4-right headstocks!
Original nickel plated surface and smooth 22:1 gear-ratio.

  • for 4-left headstocks (conversion to 4-right possible!)
  • Drilling peg holes: 18,5mm
  • Ratio: 22:1
  • Mounting with 4 screws each
  • Hole spacing on base plate top: 26mm
  • Hole spacing on base plate bottom: 20mm
  • Hole spacing on base plate from top to bottom: 34,4mm
  • Dimensions base plate: 45,3 x 33,35 x 27,2mm
  • Including sleeves and screws
  • MF4LN
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