Kluson Traditional "Double-Line & Double-Ring" / Tulip / 3+3 nickel

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DKK 430,00

In the early 60s, Kluson replaced the original “Single Line” imprint on all tuner housings with a “Double Line” imprint. Today, these are generally known as “Kluson Double Line” tuners.
In the mid to late 60s, some manufacturers furthermore used so called “Double Ring” tuners, referring to the rings on the tuner button.
This tuner still has the original 15:1 gear ratio and is perfectly suitable for replacing vintage parts or creating new builds with a “vintage-vibe”.

  • for 3+3 headstocks
  • cream Tulip buttons
  • for 8.5mm pegholes
  • 15:1 gear ratio
  • incl. bushings and screws
Du ser på: Kluson Traditional “Double-Line & Double-Ring” / Tulip / 3+3 nickel DKK 430,00
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