Göldo The Activator Preamp / for installation. EL855

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EL855 preamp/booster
The Activator is a compact preamp for installation in the instrument. A trim pot enables an individually adjustable volume boost of up to +15dB. The preamp works completely linear and does not affect the signal of the pickups in any way. The Activator offers a buffered, low impedance output that perfectly matches the input impedance of amplifiers, recording or PA systems. Plus: The input of tube amplifiers is driven “sharper”, which leads to a sooner saturation of the tube stages with a pleasantly distorting tube amp sound. In addition, the guitar’s volume potentiometer provides more subtle sound nuances without the instrument losing any of its highs. Thanks to the low-impedance output, long cable lengths and a large number of effects pedals can also be used without the signal losing any of its treble, dynamics, and directness.
The Activator can be combined with both active and passive pickups and is powered by a 9-volt battery. Battery clip and jack socket are pre-wired to the Activator.

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