Göldo "Professional" Shielding Kit

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A complete kit against annoying electrical interferences! The self-adhesive, conductive copper foil effectively reduces noise, humming and radio interference when applied to all cavities of the body (electricity pocket, pickup cavities) and to the back of the pickguard and then connected to ground. Incl. detailed instructions.


  • 2x self-adhesive copper foil (127 x 180mm)
  • 1x self-adhesive copper foil (30 x 350mm)
  • 1x self-adhesive copper foil (12 x 500mm)
  • 1x 2-pole, shielded, high quality cable, 50cm
  • 1x braid, 23cm
  • 1x solder wire, 23cm
  • Insulating tape cuts

DKK 150,00

Du ser på: Göldo “Professional” Shielding Kit DKK 150,00
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