Göldo “Mini” True Pan Pot / 2x 250K log

Varenummer ELPAN250 Kategori Mærke

kr. 120,00

Panorama double potentiometer with central raster – e.g. for fading over two pickup signals. In contrast to many other cross-fade potentiometers, both signals are transmitted 100% without any loss of sound or volume in the middle position. The small design of the potentiometer allows the installation in many models without additional woodwork. The solder contacts are located on an attached circuit board, which can be removed if necessary. It comes with nut and washer.

  • DC resistor: 2x 250kOhm log.
  • Thread dimensions: 10 x 7mmØ
  • Housing dimension: 17mmØ
  • Plain shaft
  • ELPAN250
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