Göldo MagSlide Magnesium Slide

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kr. 480,00

MagSlide Magnesium Slide

A slide tube made of magnesium and therefore not only virtually free of any string noise, but also significantly lighter than other slide materials: on average 33% lighter than glass, 75% lighter than steel, 80% lighter than brass. The MagSlide is slightly conical on the inside and despite its light weight, it delivers a round, warm tone with a lot of sustain.

The MagSlide “Pinky” is lighter and smaller, so it is suitable for the little finger, for example.


  • Weight: 39.7 g (1.4 oz)
  • Length: 63.9 mm (2.515“)
  • Inner diameter: 19.5 – 21 mm (.768“ – .828“)
  • Outer diameter: 29 mm (1.145“)
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