Göldo Killswitch Pot Chopperpot/ 500K log. EL500KP

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kr. 135,00


göldo CHOPPERPOT Killswitch-Poti

The common kill switches have one thing in common: As the name suggests, the signal is “killed” when the switch is pressed. Some people would much rather have it the other way around, a “reverse kill switch”, so to speak! No matter, the göldo CHOPPERPOT can do it both ways – and much more!

Versions and operation

The CHOPPERPOT potentiometer is available in three versions: 500k A, 250k A and 500k B. It can therefore replace a volume or a tone potentiometer as required. It corresponds in construction to the proven göldo push-push pot. The only difference is that the CHOPPERPOT‘s switch is a momentary switch. In order to prevent too loud noise when actuated and to make it feel nice and smooth, a rubber ring is mounted on the axle. The CHOPPERPOT consists of a normal potentiometer with knurled shaft, which can be wired independently of the switching function. Underneath sits a 6-pole switch that is actuated when pressure is applied to the axle.

Incl. extra printed soldering board (see Instructions).

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