Göldo Excenter Adapter-Bushings for JM-Type Bridge / 9mm

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göldo Adapter-Bushings for JM/JG bridges

For mounting tunomatic, roller and other bridges standing on M4 grub screws. Suitable for most offset guitars of all ages, e.g. Fender® Jazzmaster, whose original bushings have a diameter of 9mm. There are some Asian offset versions with a diameter of 8mm; here please use our smaller adapter sleeves (HJM8N)!

Simply insert the HJM9N into the existing bushing and install a good Tunomatic or Roller bridge (HW13, HWD2, etc.) with the necessary accessories (see below) – and the typical problems of a Jazzmaster bridge are a thing of the past. This means that the strings no longer jump from the riders, the tone becomes fuller, the attack more direct and the sustain longer.
In addition, the mounting threads in the bushings are eccentrically positioned so that the bridge can be precisely adjusted by simply turning the threaded bushings. Unique on the market! It comes in a set of 2!

Required accessories: Grub screws (HW25B), knurled washers (HW2RN) and the selected bridge. Please note: For göldo and Duesenberg bridges screws and knurled washers are already included.

  • Outer diameter: 9mm
  • Installation depth: 14,5mm
  • Thread dimension: M4