Göldo "Deluxe" 4D Bass Bridge / 4-String nickel

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Let’s go to the 4th bass dimension!

The base plate of our legendary 4D bridge is machined from solid brass. The strings lie on fat steel wheels, which can be moved sideways to adjust the desired string spacing. After all adjustment work has been done, the saddles are fixed with the help of side grub screws. This welds the individual parts together to form a firm unit and guarantees perfect vibration transmission and thus the optimum in terms of sound and sustain. Matching hexagonal wrenches are included.

  • 4-string version
  • Outside dimensions: 84 x 57 x 12mm
  • String spacing: ca. 53 – 60mm


DKK 678,00

Du ser på: Göldo “Deluxe” 4D Bass Bridge / 4-String nickel DKK 678,00
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