Göldo ClipHaus Tuners / German / 3+3. MGDCH3N

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Göldo ClipHaus tuners German vintage! The ClipHaus concept goes back to a tuning machine from the 60s. The rear housing, visually reminiscent of a house roof, is a clip made of spring steel, which presses the worm shaft against the gearwheel, resulting in a completely backlash-free movement. The housing, including the steel clip, is stamped from sheet steel with extreme precision. A set of ClipHaus weighs about 100g less compared to tuners with cast housings.In addition, our ingenious “push-through patent” is applied here. The strings are put through the shaft from the top and can then be clipped off at the back. Very comfortable and avoids bloody fingertips!Type: 3+3 with large metal knobs.