Göldo Center-Bushings for Vintage Tuners nickel

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kr. 82,00

Allow centering a 6,3mm tuner shaft on the backside of the headstock inside a 10mm peghole.

Why you ask? If you want to install vintage tuners on a headstock with 10mm pegholes, the problem is how to center the 6.3mm shafts of the new tuners in the holes. One solution is to fill the holes and then drill new ones with the proper diameter. Or you simply use these new göldo Center-Bushings. The sleeves are an easy press-fit from the backside of the headstock. For a perfect match they can be combined with our optional MB05C adapter bushing that are simply pressed into the pegholes on the frontside of the headstock.

Inner diameter: 6.4mm
Outer diameter: 10.1mm
Height: 5mm

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