Eyb Megaswitch 3.0 / Type M. EL4x5

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 Version M of the Eyb Megaswitch 3.0 offers no less than 4 freely assignable switching levels! On the 4 separate levels, all 5 contacts can be independently assigned.
There are several switches on the market that offer similar versatility. However, in contrast to the Megaswitch M, these have design disadvantages. On the one hand, many are simply so spacious that they do not fit into many guitars without woodworking. On the other hand, many are equipped with solder eyes that are too small to hold several cables, as is often the case with custom circuits. However, the Megaswitch M is no bigger than the other Megaswitches and thus – like these – even smaller than conventional 5-way switches! Plus, its solder contacts are gold-plated solder pads that can easily accept multiple cables.


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