Duesenberg WHITE DRIVE II booster/overdrive. SOLGT

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Whether it’s a dynamically clean boost, an electrifying crunch or a creamy overdrive – the White Drive II covers the entire bandwidth of necessary boost and overdrive sounds. Thanks to its high dynamics and transparency, the White Drive II sounds just as authentic as an overdriven tube amp. Versatility of sound makes the White Drive II at home in all musical genres that rely on “vintage” sounds – whether it be country, blues or rock.

The White Drive II’s level of distortion can be controlled to a high degree of accuracy by using the guitar’s own volume controls, and because of its highly effective True Bypass electronics, the White Drive II in its inactivated state remains absolutely sound-neutral. Like all Duesenberg effects, the White Drive II is built to high technological standards, is simple to use and built to withstand wear and tear on the road.


  • DRIVE: controls the degree of distortion (left-strike = pure boost function!)
  • TONE: at the 12 o’clock setting, the White Drive II maintains its neutral state. Turning to the left reduces treble, while turning to the right increases treble and reduces bass.
  • LEVEL: controls the strength of the output level to the amplifier