Duesenberg Radiator Tremola / Long / alu TDRLA

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Duesenberg Radiator Tremola / Long

A gold standard for function and design – The Duesenberg Radiator Tremola.

With a focus on elegant design, the Radiator Tremola brings you typical Duesenberg quality and reliability as in all our hardware. The tremolo arm can be turned freely for 360°, allows you to set your preferred angle and can be removed within seconds just in case you don’t need it sometimes. The strings are simply guided through the holes in the bar underneath the arm-axis and can be lead to the tuners without any hassle.

This is the long version of the Radiator Tremola. The string spacing at the axle is 6mm narrower compared to the string spacing of the Diamond Deluxe Tremola.

Please note: The Radiator Tremola can not replace our standard Diamond Deluxe Tremola without modification to the body of the guitar.


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