Duesenberg Multibender

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The Duesenberg MultiBender is a unique, innovative bridge that allows you to play absolutely authentic-sounding pedal steel licks. Single strings can be raised or lowered by 1 to 3 semitones using the palm of your right hand and the appropriate lever(s).

The MultiBender fits many types of electric guitars without any modifications. On a Vintage Strat®-Style guitar it is attached by using the six tremolo mounting screws and a special clip in the tremolo cut. Guitars such as Fender® Telecaster®, Gibson® SG, Duesenberg® Bonneville, and similar electric guitars can also be equipped with the MultiBender. The only requirement is that the top must be flat and not arched.

The MultiBender comes ex-factory with two levers, which can also be supplemented with additional levers. Only the sixth (thickest) string cannot be bent. The levers themselves are individually adjustable in their angle and can be twisted away completely when not in use so that the normal playing position is not affected.

If you want to experience the Multibender in action, you should search Youtube for “Martin Huch Multibender”. Martin Huch has developed the prototype of the Multibender and masters it like no other.

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