Blackstar FS-4 Footswitch

kr. 179,00

Please note that this footswitch will not work with the Blackstar HT5

The humble footswitch is an integral part of most guitarist’s amp rig, so why should you be without?

The FS4 is a Single button footswitch that is designed specifically for the Blackstar HT-Studio 20, the HT-Stage 60 and HT-Stage 100. Switch the channels of your blackstar amp with a press of a foot when out on stage. Or if you like your gain channel up to 11, you will find the footswitch handy in standing well back from your amp before you unleash the beast!

If you like to get in the zone when on stage and to stamp on your pedals, giving them a bit of abuse, you can rest assured that the FS4 is ready for a life on the road thanks to its metal chassis and robust switch design. Another cool feature is the LED light that lets you know whether the switch is off or on, so you can check you pressed the switch properly and don’t accidentally start a new song with a crunch tone instead of a clean channel setting.

The Switch is simple to use and even easier to set up, so just plug in and get rocking!


  • Footswitch designed to be compatible with Blackstar HT-Studio 20/20H, HT-Stage 60, and HT-Stage 100
  • Metal chassis
  • Robust switch
  • LED indicator




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