3 Monkeys Solderless Patch Cable Kit / 6 plugs, 1,8m cable

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Patch cable DIY kit (solderless)

6 plugs and 6 feet of black cable (ca. 1.8m)

With the premium patch cables of the American manufacturer 3 Monkeys, the assembly and wiring of effect boards reach a new dimension. The special, patent-pending connectors and the special cable material allow extremely space- and time-saving cabling. The installation of the plugs and cables is very simple, but nevertheless very solid: The plugs are screwed onto the strong cable – ready! The design of the connectors allows either straight or angled cable routing, just as the configuration of the board requires. The high cross-section of the cable core ensures an extremely low capacitance and thus signal routing without significant losses. The cable material itself is easy to bend and then retains its shape – ideal for space-saving, optically clean cable routing.

3 Monkeys are owned by three men who know what they’re doing: Ossie Ahsen (builds the world-famous 3-Monkeys Boutique Amps), Greg Howard (Guitar Tech of Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Steely Dan, Green Day) and Brad Whitford, guitarist of Aerosmith.

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