GODIN G-1000 USA "The Super Strat" (1997) (brugt)

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Alle brugte guitarer leveres top trimmet og med service-garanti.

DKK 2.995,00

Ganske enkelt en dejlig guitar.

Here we have Godin’s take on the “SuperStrat” style electric guitar. The body is vaguely similar to a “Strat” but the top horn is elongated and the bottom horn cut a little short and rounded. Just enough of a change to give it a look that is both recognizable and fresh. Pickup configuration is the versatile H-S-S setup. The controls are simplified down to a 5-way selector and a master volume and master tone control. The neck is maple with a birdseye figuring and a rosewood, 24 fret fingerboard. The body is maple. Gold hardware. 24.75″ (or “Gibson”) scale length.

This guitar is in excellent shape. There is very little wear despite the 15+ year age of it. It would pass for a NOS guitar. The case is also in great condition. The guitar sounds fantastic. The clean tones are nice and clear. Overdriven or distorted it really growls. The “Gibson” scale length gives it a little more grit when driven but clean it sounds close to a Fender. Best of both worlds here.


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